“To create and sustain competitive advantage for our clients by leveraging our expertise in cross-Pacific and European commercial commerce.”


At Sourcery, we provide the solutions to help companies adapt to today’s ever changing global environment.

We are a leading management consulting firm with a distinctive focus: to assist our clients in capturing cross-Pacific opportunities. Our international presence in North America, Europe and Asia enables us to leverage our unique business knowledge and experience to help our clients create and sustain competitive advantage.

We provide not only high-impact consulting services, but also the appropriate training programs and joint project involvement to our clients. We share the latest concepts in strategy, supply chain and global expansion with our clients, and we upgrade our clients’ skills and capabilities to be better positioned in the global competitive environment.

Additionally, our Supply Chain Support Group in China, assists our clients in managing their supply chain base in Asia. This unique subsidiary allows us to remain committed to our clients for the long term, from strategy inception to on-the-ground implementation.



Sourcery was founded in 2006, but our history and experience go back much further. In the late ‘80s, our partners facilitated the first wave of MNC entering mainland China. After acquiring years of experience in Asia and China and helping companies address cost and growth opportunities, our partners founded Sourcery in 2006 to utilize their experience to create superior value for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Asia/China market. We also founded the Supply Chain Support Group in China that same year. Since the year of our founding, we have expanded to the Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Dongguan regions to meet our client needs.


Client Confidentiality

At Sourcery, client confidentiality is of the utmost importance. We do not discuss specific clients even in general terms without approval from our clients. Although we emphasize the privacy of our clients, we are more than willing to apply our general market knowledge and expertise to bear for the benefit of all our clients.